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Found Akiko and Stormy (cat) cuddling on my bed when I when to get ready for work.

Maybe their feud is finally over?

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This afternoon’s entertainment will be watching three small rats chase a full grown shiba inu around in circles.

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Akiko was jumping frantically at the front door this evening which I took to mean she wanted to go on a walk. So we went on a short walk in which she was very well behaved and listened very well.
I’m not entirely sure why she wanted so desperately to go on a walk, which has never really happened before. Maybe it was just because of the beautiful fall evening.
She is, after all, an “Autumn Child.”

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Poor Akiko is having a rough day. Our fire alarms are on the fritz and have been going off all day. She does not like the noise, and has been shaking. We’ve been trying to get her out of the house, but no solution to the alarms has been found…